Daddy Freeze Don Yabbis Pastor Leke Adeboye And Im Mama Again

Daddy Freeze don yabbis Pastor Leke Adeboye and im mama as im dey support Reno Omokri tweet about white wedding.

Make una read wetin im yarn

Church marriage or White Wedding, originate the Catholic Church in the year 1563. There is NOTHING Christian about it and EVERYTHING European about it. It is not even in The Bible. Your native African marriage is as valid, in G sight, as a White Wedding #RenosNuggets

After my tweet that native African weddings are as holy to God as a church wedding, and that White Weddings are European, not Christian, some people referred me to the wedding in Cana where Jesus turned water to wine. That wedding was a Jewish TRADITIONAL wedding! #RenosNuggets

Daddy Freeze Don Write

, ‘absolute truth! Jesus attended a traditional wedding o, NOT A CHURCH WEDDING O. If na me talk am now una go begin vex. Reno is an ordained pastor. Mummy GO and sons, both spiritual and biological, over to you!’.

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