Christians Dey Among Members Of Boko Haram – Army Chief

Mr. Bamidele Shafa, a Major General and Coordinator, Operation Safe Corridor, don yarn say some Boko Haram members dem bi Christians.

The army general yarn dis tori for interview with the Sun.

Make Una read wetin im yarn .

“I know the feelings out there; people who have committed heinous crimes, people who have killed people, people who have destroyed government properties and what have you”.

“But you see, we need to understand that not all members of Boko Haram or ISWAP as the case may be are hardened, not all of them are core ideologists of these groups”.

A number of them, in fact a large number of the foot soldiers of these groups are people who were conscripted, they are people who were coerced against their will”.

Good numbers of Boko Haram members who joined the insurgency without their own wish are looking for an opportunity to surrender and be integrated back to the society.


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